MD Construction

Posted on April 25, 2019
LocationsRegina, Saskatchewan
MD Construction

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      Nathan Subscriber Jul 06, 2020

      MD Construction is the type of contractors you hear horror stories about

      Poor quality work and unprofessional attitudes. MD Construction is the type of contractors you hear horror stories about. The owner yelled at me and mocked me.

      I thought that due to the ease of finding reviews, extremely bad contractors no longer exist. I was wrong. Dealing with MD Construction and Marcel was an absolute nightmare. The company was hired to replace an old sidewalk, recap a retaining wall, and make a new concrete step. Since I work from home, I was able to watch the process. Marcel only showed up at the very end of the job and did not check the work of his employees.

      When the concrete was poured and set, I could see many issues:
      - The sidewalks were sloped towards the garage
      - The sidewalk width was not uniform and changed from 29" to 31" over the course of a foot in some places.
      - The steps did not meet Canadian building codes.
      - The steps were crooked and uneven.
      - The wall was not level or straight.
      - Concrete was poured directly against stucco.

      After these issues became apparent, I talked to Marcel. Before I could explain the first issue, he raised his voice and mocked me. He stormed out while yelling rude things and slammed the door. His employees tried to fix the steps by adding a 4" patch on the front but it fell off. I called Marcel to talk about fixing the job properly. Marcel came onto my property and started yelling again about how the work was fine and told me I was being unreasonable. Expecting professional work from a professional is never unreasonable. I had to explain to Marcel how the steps did not meet code. I should not need to teach building code to a professional contractor. Later, my neighbours told me they could hear Marcel yelling at me inside their house even with the windows closed.

      When Marcel's crew returned to fix some of the issues, I watched everything they were doing. It was very clear they were unskilled and underprepared. Marcel was nowhere to be seen throughout the process. The employees did not use a square or level when forming the new steps. I had to mention obvious issues and use my own tools to illustrate their work was not level, plumb, or square. After this, one of the employees started muttering and swearing about how I was impossible to please.

      In the end, Marcel refused to fix many the problems. If you want you want professional work or attitude, look elsewhere.

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